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  1. Dear M,
    How is it possible for organization to continue to be so unfair, given the legislation that exits these days? Why do workers withstand the worst of poor management decisions and economic rationalization?
    In a recent experience of only being employed for five days, the job was withdrawn, without any explanation given. A colleague later however indicated it was due to some political situation but did not go into details.
    I was mortified given that it was a member health association, whose very ethos was about equity in occupation! How was this being applied in my case?
    Naturally, I was very surprised by these actions and felt they were questionable to say the least by anyone’s standards. However, this organisaton felt that they could exercise this action, under what is called “fair work’ legislation.
    Recovering from this experience has left me feeling quite discouraged about the moral code employers are now employing! How do you move on from such an experience?
    Do you have to look beyond what has happened and find other ways to increase your self-esteem? Suggestions such as fundraising activities or having a possible laugh or cry with family and friends that really do understand what you might be going through could help!
    Currently this is what is happening to me and I am back out there trying to find that job that will be genuine and restore my sense of a moral code!
    “Getting there”

  2. Hi Getting There,

    A friend once told me that when you go for an interview, it is as much as it is about you having to impress a future employer, as it is that they equally work towards presenting their best image as well. This is especially the case if they want to attract future good employees! Sometimes, however, organisations lack the maturity to understand this concept. If this is the case would you really want to work for them?
    I had an interesting experience recently, where I interviewed twice for the one organization with the same people involved. The first interview followed the standard practice, but the second interview, which I thought would allow for more of an opportunity to met the team etc only was a repeat of the first going over the same questions! As you can image, this did not increase my confidence in the expertise of the organization, given the position was in health promotion. The other factor was that one of the interviewers was half an hour late. When she arrived, the interview was almost over and the only difference was the type of questions I asked about the role!
    I felt in this instance, the positions were reversed and that I was the one assessing their performance. I did not get the role nor would I have accepted it if it had been offered.


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