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Knowing what’s genuine!


Not too long ago I had dinner with a friend who I had known for quite some time and although we perhaps don’t have a great deal in common, I asked her what was important about our friendship? She responded by saying that as friends we appreciate one another’s genuineness!

I have remembered this comment over the last few weeks peculiarly having started a new job and being involved with meeting  a  new group people. My job involves attending meetings which sometimes  starting as early as 7am. My   days are spent practically running non-stop and this makes it difficult to really get to know people. It’s all about survival of the fittest in the working world and how well you get on.

 For instance, who do you need to get on with to be effective in the job you are doing? Should a friendship emerge through these exchanges then that becomes a bonus, but more importantly staying aware of who is who is survival particularly when working in a cultural environment where resources are reduced and where change is a difficult process.

In the case of surgeons, however these rules simply don’t apply and each in their own way are a law only to themselves which everyone must follow. In some instances, the word being human doesn’t seem to register. That is not the case however for all physicians and the oncologists I work with are amongst the nice people you might expect to meet.

So what are the expectations of being genuine? Well, firstly it is important to be honest in your communication with a person, as of course you would expect in any friendship and simply treat them, as you would except to be treated yourself.

Most genuine people are respectful and sincere in their actions and don’t just put themselves first but think of others and are upfront about their intentions. I think if a friendship has evolved then it is possible to work through their differences along the way, which makes the relationship genuine and long lasting.


What do you think?