Being Grateful


It has been a while since I have written in my blog because of a number of things that have happened.Firstly, like everyone in Melbourne I have been fighting the occasional flu symptom and currently winning this battle for now!  

Also after a couple of interviews, I have finally found a job or perhaps the job has found me. It is an opportunity to support those working in cancer research and involves predominately recruitment of patients for a study.No doubt it will be challenging and I will need time to absorb all the new information I will be learning.

 I won’t  be starting for a couple of weeks however, despite being anxious to beginning my new work life. I hope to be fully prepared and  energized, given that this  role is full time. It will be quite a change from everything else  I have been doing over the last couple of months.

All that being said, it has been the end of term at the university and marking papers has been keeping me very busy. I have also had the additional problem of trying to sort out my computer system. It is remarkable what you expect the average computer to do today and I encountered a few challenges when it came to online marking!

What you need to understand is that after having a system that is over 12 years old which has seen me faithfully through my masters, coming to terms with social media applications and  coping with the old telecommunication lines in the area, this system is well and truly due for retirement!

I am very grateful that it has lasted this long and next time I write anything it will be on a new system. Given my experience, this system will have a lot to live up too!

The Glee Club still remains a highlight each week for me and Chelsea is back from Europe  full of beans. The hour I spend at the Glee club is worth more than any other good feel therapy although yoga comes a close second.

In addition to doing Yoga, I recently went to a Sound Healing session, which was run by a young man who has experience working with Aboriginal Elders. I have always been drawn to sound and percussion but this was different and quite an special experience, where we laid down in a relaxation mode for an hour and half and heard the sounds of special bells allowing only our own breathing to interfere with this process.

I am not sure I would do it again, but it was a good experience at the time and allowed me to get  grounded and focus after being offered a new job.  





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