Local Opportunities

It has been an interesting week or few weeks recently, with either attending job interviews or reflecting on how they went and what I really want. Nevertheless, although I have nothing solid to report on that front yet, I have been re- discovering what the local burbs have to offer and I have been pleasantly surprised!

Last week a friend and I went up to the local strip, which I can honestly say is a taste of Asia, with a number of different cuisines and styles, yet relatively inexpensive. Thrown into this mix is a wonderful local cafe offering, unique treats, wonderful coffee and an atmosphere that is down to earth and relaxing. I recently discovered that on Thursday nights they have what is called an open mic, where anyone who wants to sing and entertain can get up for as long as they like and have ago!

Well although this is not necessarily unique, I know it doesn’t happen all that often,especially in the burbs, so after we had our wonderful Malaysian food which only set us back $20.00 each we slipped across to Santucci for coffee and cake. The place was jammed with young and old and everyone was in jovial spirits. There was also one girl celebrating her 22nd birthday and everyone sang “happy birthday”.

Several people got up to perform, and all were from the local community. There was no charge for the entertainment, only for what you ate or drank. It was almost standing room only initially, but Rita the owner of the cafe, made room at the counter for my friend and I to sit until a table became available.

We set out that night with very few expectations, except to catch up, but had wonderful night and enjoyed the experience of local hospitality!

It pays to explore and keep open to local opportunities, even if it is only about finding a bargain or knowing what is going on! How often do you take advantage of what’s local?



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