Winners and Losers

Well although I could dwell on this week’s national budget release, which left many people feeling that it was a non-event, I wonder realistically what is likely to change!
Certainly, unless you have schoolchildren, or are affected by age care issues or disability, there was little joy felt to jump up and down. And if you are currently working, the changes in super won’t give you that warm and fuzzy feeling!

How likely are the positives in the budget, going to counteract the increasing costs or downsizing that is currently going on? If the positive reforms do get through, how much of a dent, will they make to people’s lives, which are reliant on welfare? Understandable, these measures are only start and have a long way to go before they are likely to have an impact on the people who need them.
The budget also has not been too kind on the big end of town where company tax breaks have been put off or previous shelters in the super have been changed.

Despite the budget and the fall-outs that have occurred this week with Costello and Co, three people won 25 million in OZ lotto this week! They certainly were big winners. What would you have done if you had won? Did you buy a ticket?

Winning for me apart from the obvious, would have meant being able to stop worrying about the next bill rolling in, or how I would get through the next week! It would also mean that when I recovered from all the celebrating, with friends and family, I would start to think about some worthwhile projects that might do some good for all!
Surely, 25 million is more than enough for one person to live on and perhaps could be used well in other ways that would have a greater impact.

Despite not winning, I still feel like a winner because I was lucky enough to attend two job interviews. This made me feel that I was back in the job market and wanted again. It’s not to say that these jobs will come through, but I do finally feel that my energy and determination is back to start trying again. I am however aware of not trying to get too caught up in that feeling of being on roller coast ride.

The most important lesson for me this week, has been to learn to keep calm and leveled headed about what is happening, yet still believe in myself. Anyone looking for work needs to do this and not give up! So here’s wishing everyone success to feel like a winner!


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