Finding Inspiration


After a week of problems with my car, and further news of job cuts in both blue collar and white-collar areas of employment where do you find inspiration? Funnily enough towards the end of last week, it came from a visit to a recently opened gallery in Allendale! I drove up with a friend in the spur of a moment activity, because having been stuck at home and afraid to drive due to a fear of my windscreen wipers not working I was ready to break loose again and leave Melbourne behind for a couple of hours.

Our drive up was pleasant, no rain such a relief and traffic was reasonable making it a good run up. We eventually arrived at the gallery and met-up with Di the gallery owner. This gallery was not the usual sort of gallery that you might see in a main street, but was a gallery that was at the back of an old church that had been converted into a house. It was also located within a beautiful garden that also included a veggie patch and there were sculptures all over the place presumably completed by Di herself over the years. Di apparently has had one of her sculptures appear on the Australia postage stamp, quite impressive!

The gallery it appears had been a work in progress over many years, and Di now 64 was venturing into yet another new beginning with the launch of a new line of women’s clothing which were hand painted and tie dyed. Her collection of clothes is exhibited in the gallery amongst both her paintings and sculptures and her clothes appeal to women of all ages.

Meeting Di made me start to think of other people we might know personally who are achievers in their own way! They don’t necessarily get public recognition like perhaps in Di’s case, but subconsciously we should be  aware of what they do and what they mean to us. It could be your mum, friend, partner, child, niece etc who through their own way make a difference to our lives and perhaps even inspire us to do better and get on with living!

The bottom line is that everyone deserves recognition and if you can spend a minute and give this to others, image how inspiring that would be particularly during such difficult times.


PS Allendale Studio is at 4154 Creswick Newstead Rd Allendale Victoria Australia (Crn Ryans Junction Rd)


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