Work or Not “New beginnings”

This blog has been created to share the ups and downs of being on the unemployment roller coaster ride, particularly anyone who has been either underemployed or had difficulties getting a job due to age, lack of experience or part of an industry that is changing!

It’s time to find a real voice and let everyone know that trying to find a job and stay afloat is very much a full time situation and that despite government programs that attempt to reduce unemployment, there are some very difficult realities being faced out there. Being given a fair go isn’t always happening these days, especially when dealing with potential employers, who even after interviews don’t always get back to you personally to let you know the results or prefer to be impersonal and just email if you have been unsuccessful! It is a very frustrating experience and this new form human relations seems a contradiction in terms!

So this forum is for you to share and vent and laugh about the experiences of trying to find work and hopefully, gives you a fair go to be heard without fear or judgment!

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One thought on “Work or Not “New beginnings”

  1. Dear M,

    How is it possible for organization to continue to be so unfair, given the legislation that exits these days? Why do workers withstand the worst of poor management decisions and economic rationalization?
    In a recent experience of only being employed for five days the job was withdrawn, without any explanation given other than it was not the right fit. A colleague latter however did indicate that it was based on some political situation but did not go into details.
    I was mortified given that it was a member health association, whose very ethos was about equity in occupation! How was this being applied in my case?
    Naturally, I was very surprised by these actions and felt they were questionable to say the least by anyone’s standards. However, this organisaton felt that they could exercise this action under what is called “fair work’ legislation.
    Recovering from this experience has left me feeling quite discouraged about the moral code employers are now employing! How do you move on from such an experience?

    You have to look beyond what has happened and find other way to increase your self-esteem such as fund raising or if possible having a laugh, cry with family and friend that really do understand what you might be going through. Currently this is what is happening to me and I am back out there trying to find that job that will be genuine and restore my sense of a moral code!
    “Getting there”

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